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Tongxiang Small Boss

01PVC compound

Mature formula, uniform color, plump compound

02PVC profile

Advanced technology, bright and clean surface, excellent shape

03PVC corner bead

Difficult to break, Excellent impact toughness

04MBBR biofilter media

Special formulas, larger surface area, biofilm formation duration

Why choose us?

1. one of the biggest pvc material and pvc profile manufacturer which is biggest scale and most advanced.
2. we have more than 83 patents and we have strong product development capablity.
3. We have more than 150 customers all over the world like as Headworks, Veolia, World Water Works and etc.
4. Always consider to save the cost for customer, improved through automation and mass production to reduce costs, to give customers the best cost-effective.
5. Good service attitude. Find out the reason and give the customer satisfactory solution.


1. Smallboss have the most advanced laboratory in China and total have 48pcs experimental facilities which include the High-end test equipment like as rheometer.
2. In order to develope oversea market, we set up the office in USA, Ethiopia and etc.
3. Absolute stable delivery and abundant varieties of products.
4. In order to give customers the best cost-effective, we always consider to save cost for the customer, improve to reduce cost through automation and mass production.
Dynamic News
weekly meeting

weekly meeting

In order to service all clinets well,small boss sales departement have meeting with R&D evry week to develop the goods quantity.
R & D capabilities
Small Boss is specialized in researching all kinds of pvc extrusion profile, PVC compound, TPR/TPE granules, MBBR biofilter media. In order to produce best products, our factory made many efforts ......
About Us
Tongxiang Small Boss Special Plastic Products Co.,LTD. (Small Boss) , a strong technical force company of plastic products & raw materials was founded in 1992......