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About Us

R & D capabilities

Small Boss dedicated to R&D PVC compound, PVC extrusion profile, MBBR biofilter media and TPR/TPE compound, and has created non-toxic environmental materials that are evengranular, wear-and-cold resistant and uv-resistant by laboratory testing, formula adjusted by engineers, drawings and moulds amendment, a provision of excellent raw materials for profile extrusion and injection moulds and also a provision of satisfactory products customized for our customers. As of present, it has developed 50 patents on average.


Over the past 23 years, Small Boss has long dedicated to the research and development of PVC formulas, innovation of extrusion technology of plastics and processing and transformation of machinery equipment. It invests millions in technical research and development each year, and has established good relations with the laboratories of well-known Wuhan University and Tongji University. With its technicians accounting to 30% of more than 200 employees, Small Boss has China’s most professional plastic formula and a team engaged in the innovation and R&D of extrusion profiles.